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Q | Are you a full time professional wedding photographer?
A | Yes, I have been in the wedding photography industry for over 20 years as a full time professional photographer.

Q | How experienced are you?
A | Very. I have successfully photographed over 800 weddings across the UK and I am one of only a handful of professional wedding photographers in Hampshire with this level of experience photographing weddings.

Q | What is your style of wedding photography?
A | I don't have a set style, I approach each wedding individually and capture the style my clients really love. I mix contemporary, classic, fashion and documentary (candid) styles of wedding photography and provide a timeless elegant mix. 
My preference is for a clean well composed image, well lit (rarely, if ever use flash), beautifully sharp with great colours, I love black and white too. I do not rely on Photoshop to make a bad shot acceptable, I take a great shot without over reliance on trendy tints that may date your wedding album.

Q | What is your approach on the day?
A | This is where experience and professionalism really counts, an inexperienced photographer or a family member photographing your wedding could easily spoil the whole day with his /her approach not only with the bride & groom but their wedding guests too. I 
tend to adopt a relaxed informal approach, never in your face or take too long. People tell me that I am well organised, smartly dressed, helpful and polite, also with an eye for detail and of course great fun too!

Q | Are you insured?
A | Yes. With so many part time or non qualified photographers causing numerous problems at wedding venues, so many venues now insist that their clients use only a fully insured wedding photographer. I have full public indemnity and liability insurance and I am happy to provide certificate details to your wedding venue. All the leading wedding experts and bridal magazines strongly suggest that your wedding photographer is fully insured.

Q | What camera equipment do you use?
A | I use only the best equipment and latest technology, but most importantly the equipment which will allow me to work quickly and effectively and provide the highest quality images under all weather and lighting conditions. In the past I've used Canon MK3's, Fuji professional gear but I feel that Nikon's range suits me best.

Q | Do you carry back up equipment?

A | Yes any true professional photographer would but not all do so ensure you ask this question with whoever you intend to choose, it is essential!

Q | Do you take family groups?
A | Yes I do, I know that so many wedding photographers try to avoid this, however, I think that family group shots are an important part of your wedding photography. I will take what ever groups you would like, with my skill and approach they will not take forever to complete as I much prefer a more spontaneous approach. However do remember to add this to your timings of the day.

Q | Do you take all those little detail shots?
A | Oh yes, I love all those little details of a wedding from the shoes to flowers, cufflinks, rings and everything you can think of and of course not forgetting your fabulous wedding dress!

Q | Are you a member of any professional photographers association?
A | Yes. This is very important to consider as you only get one chance to get it right, so picking a qualified and experienced member of the prestigious Master Photographers Association is your assurance of a true professional photographing your wedding day. 

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Family portrait, commercial and wedding photography by Scott, the professional Hampshire wedding photographer in Southampton

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